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My name is Yves and I was born in 1968, I am 42 and I am in the military and live in Andenne (B).
I am proud to be a bastard thus a real Belgian, true mix of our two communities; I also have a very good knowledge of the third national language (German).
Since I was 18 I am riding bikes, the first one was a Honda VT500C, pretty fast, I noticed that this was no bike for me, lack of power and in every turn I was scratching the sides, so I sold it and bought a sports one.  Ever since and till 2003 I rode nearly every sporty Kawasaki, one Honda and one Suzuki ; in 1989, colleague of mine bought himself a brand new metallic grey LX Cade, it was love at first sight, it was a beauty blingbling any way you looked at it.  I adored it but did not have the guts to buy that machine, too scared that I would miss speed and circuits.
After two very serious bike accidents with heavy back surgery, really long rehab I could no longer ride sports bikes the way I liked and wanted.
The time had come, no options left, goodbye sporty things and in February 2003 a grey LX Cade entered my garage, I was so proud I could start working on it to restore it, unfortunately, to my greatest disappointment as I broke it down, I saw there was no way it could ever work.  The project went down the drain !  Soon I resumed my research and found a beauty in Ostend ; I drove down there and after a little trial run of 10km and the deal was done, a brown 1988 LXE, original version without any accessory.
Very soon I started to work on it to bring it back in shape and, in the course of the years, a whole bunch of accessories got added.  While I was looking for parts to repair and service my baby, I noticed that there was a huge problem I had to face : only a few people could help me and it was not easy at all to find spare parts, I had met many people and we all met the same problem, I spent white nights gathering together every information I could about this machine and so, little by little, became the guy by whom many people as well from Flanders as from Wallonia came to get information or pieces of advice.  
There I decided to put others’ and my experience one way or the other, on the web ; that how the forum was born.
Ever since we have started yearly European Raids, I got more involved with other people from different other countries to keep annual Raids alive and plan them every year.
One yearly Raid and one person of contact in each country to help organizing and planning, this is how it works.
We have received many request a bit from everywhere, as much form Belgians as from people abroad, it took me a few years to make up my mind to decide to build this website ; I want to take the opportunity to thank Pascal alias micromobil2 who has made this site exist nowadays.
Geographically at the European level we have  Dutch, British, Finnish, Swedish, Belgian and presently Norwegian sites.
Our goal on this site is to be an incentive for all Cavalcade owners, to keep their passion burning, to help owners to keep their machines alive after breakdown and most of all, to see to it that they would not disappear unnoticed.
OK, I think I told you enough and I let watch the site.
Caution: I am not perfect but I am always aware and ready to listen if you have found things which might not be correct.


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